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Borrani Wire wheel

stainless steel, fitment: 52 mm, rim size: 6.0J x 15", number of spokes: 72

Jaguar E-Type Series 1 and 2 (1961-70) • E-Type 5.3 V12 Series 3 (1971-74)

Borrani Wire Wheels are manually manufactured works of art. Made in Italy they combine highest demands regarding design, choice of material and quality of production. Each and every wheel is hand crafted by skilled craftsmen, manually centered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Borrani wire spoke wheels are much lighter then steel wheels with same dimensions and reduce unsprung mass by up to 25%.

• 509590 replacement of OEM 5x15" Dunlop
• 513479 with 6x15" the best choice for anyone who wants a wider wheel but not too exaggerated
• 513482 best wheel, chosen by most of our customers. 6.5x15" direct drill (no dimple) and triple laced. Sportier and very strong, no vehicle modifications are needed.
Vehicle Type Approval N