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Salpicadero de madera

2131.05 EUR
Wood dashboard
6 piece kit

Jaguar XK150 FHC to 824584 (1957-58)

The wooden dashboards , door cappings and headlining rails used in XK's suffer from exposure to the elements and old age leading to cracking and lifting of the veneer and lacquer. Damaged or old woodtrim can easily be replaced with one of our high quality woodtrim kits.
Made from birch ply wood and hardwoods, as original, and veneered with quality Californian burr walnut veneer. The veneer is book matched as was original. This is is then lacquered with a modern high gloss lacquer as used by the Jaguar, Rolls Royce etc factories today and hand sanded and polished to a high quality finish.
Volante a la izquierda / Volante a la derecha RHD