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Gastos De Envío

Dear customers,
the delivery charge usually is € 6.90. For this, we ship up to 31kg in Germany. Other items may have different shipping costs:

  • Catalogue orders will be shipped free of charge.
  • When shipping windscreen, we need the following document signed by the seller and sent back to us. The shipping for windscreens and similar sized rear screens costs € 26.90.
  • Most body parts need to be packed in much larger boxes then permitted by the consignor. Therefore the shipping for these parts needs a surcharge of € 15.00, which totals the shipping to € 21.90.
  • Engines, frames, oil in barrels of 20 ltr. and more and other huge transportable products won't ship until we know your zip code and delivery conditions. We would be pleased to send you a quotation about shipment. Please talk to your salesperson.