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Car Design Europe

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Car Design
Europe - Myths, Brands, People. Written by Paolo Tumminelli, 392 pages with 300 most coloured illustrations, size: 240 x 194, binding: hardcover, edition: German, English and French
Subtitle Myths, Brands, People
Author Paolo Tumminelli
Pages 392
Format 194 mm x 240 mm
Blurb Car Design Europe is first in a series on world automotive history. Discover how European cars shaped the culture from the ’30s to the present. Transport, status symbol and design object: cars have been all this—and more. The leading brands are show cased with top-notch photography. We learn about key technological and commercial breakthroughs. Portraits of top designers, entrepreneurs and drivers add an additional layer of interest. This is a fine tribute to Europe’s car design heritage. Paolo Tumminelli is Professor for Design Concepts at the Köln International School of Design.