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MGB Story

17.06 EUR
The birth of the MGB in MG’s Abingdon Design & Development Office. Auteur: Don Hayter, 96 pages avec 76 illustrations en noir/blanc et couleur, dimensions: 205 x 190 mm, version brochée, langue: anglais
This is the inside story of the MG Design office, from 1956 until its closure in 1980. Explaining how the various models were drawn, planned, and developed by the small team of engineers, it also shows how the input and control changed from Morris, Wolseley, Riley Group, Austin-Morris, and Austin Rover. The effects of the Triumph-Austin merger are detailed in model changes, alongside the effects of safety legislation, mainly imposed by the United States.
Trying to remain as individual as possible during this period, MG developed record breakers and a unique Competition Department. Special cars were built and tested, and prototypes for the MGB replacement were drawn up - all in parallel with the development of MG production cars using engines from any part of the BMC company.
The continuing support of the American market was essential and much valued, but the company’s market support prioritised the TR7 - a decision that, ultimately, led to the closure of a successful, happy company.
Author Don Hayter
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