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Juan Manuel Fangio

61.62 EUR
A Pirelli Album by Stirling Moss. 168 pages with many coloured and b/w illustrations, size: 270 x 300 mm, binding: hardcover with book jacket, language: German
It was the golden age of gentlemen racers. They wore street clothes and polo helmets, and wore no seat belts. They thought it was safer to be thrown from the car then to be strapped inside of it in an accident. It is difficult nowadays to fathom how dangerous the sport was back then. The tracks were not ringed by great big runoff areas and armco barriers; back then it was concrete curbs, telephone poles, fire hydrants, trees, and spectators. They truly risked their lives each time they went out. The danger is what made it exciting both to the drivers as well as the spectators. The drivers were heroic figures to me, like fighter pilots going out on a mission. This book captures not only the life of Fangio, but of his times. Moss, one of the very greats, was the perfect person to write an autobiography of Fangio, his friend and rival, the only driver better then him. Their battles on the track are legendary. A haunting tribute to the best driver who ever lived.
Author Fangio ein Pirelli Album von Stirling Moss
Pages 168
Antiquarian Oui
Format 300 mm x 270 mm