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Leica and Zagato

Subtitle Volume 1: USA Collectibles
Illustrator / Photographer Winston Goodfellow
Pages 192
Format 268 mm x 294 mm
Blurb “Leica and Zagato – USA Collectibles ” is the first book of a fascinating Trilogy conceived by Zagato (1919) and Leica Camera AG (1914). These Trilogy hasn`t been designed, since the beginning, as pure motoring books. They aim to create a fantastic trip through three Continents and their most characteristic aspects coupling, each time, 33 Zagato collectibles models of its entire story with the technology and massive quality of Leica Camera AG`s products. In the first stage the multiform landscapes oft he United States play the role oft he protagonist while Zagato cars are simply a further suggestions but, thanks to Leica, they get more and more importance.