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500 Cinquecento

39.39 EUR
500 Cinquecento
The Fiat Story. 4 Cds plus an 120 page book with many coloured illustrations, size: 300 x 290 mm, binding: hardcover, muli-lingual: English, German and Itailian
The Cinquecento, one of the most popular cars of all times, has recently be re-launched as a new model, which met with instant - and fully deserved - success. A toucing journey through all the models of this classic car between 1957 and today, this earBOOK creates a link between the past and the present. The history of the Cinquecento is also part of Italian history, reflecting a dream millions of people shared over many years. This book edition includes 4 wonderful CDs with unforgettable summer and beach songs, contemporary pop and rock music and hits from great Italian films, in which the little one from the Fiat family so frequently plays a role. And last, but not least: Vivaldi's Four Seasons, the ideal companion for a car that is considered a classic vehicle for all seasons.
Author Jos Bendinelli Negrone
Pages 120
Format 290 mm x 300 mm