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Das große Buch der Fahrzeugpflege

14.78 EUR
Das große Buch der Fahrzeugpflege
Auteur: Christian Petzoldt, 196 pages avec 196 illustrations en couleur, dimensions: 270 x 210 mm, version brochée, langue: allemand
Whether new or used, whether vintage, Classic cars or convertible - this book is tuned to the specific characteristics of each vehicle. Cleaning and maintenance plays a prominent role in maintaining the optimal value of a car. The proper handling of painted surfaces, plastics in exterior and interior trim, chrome parts, upholstery, leather upholstery, wood trim and different roof cover materials for convertibles require the expert use of matching chemical aids, work utensils and especially techniques to achieve convincing results. All of these aspects are discussed in detail in this extensively illustrated bool. It provides concentrated experience and all the expertise of a established industry expert, enriched with numerous professional tips from years of work experience. An indispensable guide for all car lovers.
Author Christian Petzoldt
Pages 196
Format 210 mm x 270 mm