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MGB (1962-1980)

After a very short construction period, the MGB replaced the MGA. The B was a much more modern and powerful interpretation of the classic British sports car theme and was competitive with the Triumph models.

The self-supporting bodywork as a roadster and coupé, a classic line and a wide range of engines make the MGB the perfect sports car for over 500,000 buyers. Today, the vehicle continues to inspire. Although a lot of power is required for steering and gearshifting, the MGB is still competitive in terms of sport, especially with today's detailed solutions and improvements. We have not only parts, but also ideas for your MG. Have a look more often.

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Garder le B sur la route Jante en alliage Jante en alliage à huit rayons en 6x14" Pièce: 151,26 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus
Calandre de radiateur Calandre de radiateur Pièce: 234,96 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus
Calandre de radiateur MG Calandre de radiateur "Honeycomb" Pièce: 260,17 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus