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MGF et MG TF (1995-2005)

"Worlds most enjoyable car to drive" under this working title and claim the MGF has been developed by Rover since the mid 80s. The ways the project was developed in the chronically small Rover development department fill whole books. Also the way to recall the brand MG by presenting an intermediate model MGB RV8 might be unique. When BMW took over Rover, the almost finished MGF was again on the brink of collapse. First, BMW checked whether the F was conceptually far enough away from the new BMW Z3 that it could not compete with it. When the MGF was presented to the public at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show, the surprise was huge. Nobody would have expected such a vehicle from the ailing Rover Group. The car sold well right from the start. The sporty design in combination with the very independent technology ensured that the car was well ahead of its competitors of the era. James May tested the MGF in the BBC cult show "Top Gear" and certified it "Supercar Potential". Even if that was certainly flattering, at least in the VVC version with 107kW/146HP the car was very dynamic to drive.

Today the MGF is on its way to becoming a classic. We know about the constructional shortcomings of the model range and have insight into the long-term qualities of the car. With this knowledge we can say: Put an MGF aside. The MGF team of Limora helps with the parts supply and provides you with news about the last MG Roadster.

Tige de balai unité complète pour modèles à conduite à gauche Tige de balai Pièce: 239,84 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus
Offre spéciale Moteur d'essuie-glace pour tous MGF et TF MG Moteur d'essuie-glace Pièce: 205,41 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus
+ 1 x Ancienne pièce (539836): 68,82 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus
Vis de purge radiateur MG Vis de purge Pièce: 22,18 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus
Boîtier papillons des gaz MG Boîtier papillons des gaz Pièce: 159,51 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus