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Triumph TR2 jusqu'à TR4A (1953-1967)

More than 10,000 parts. You can order this catalogue as a book, f.o.c.

Straight shape, low seating position and a powerful engine with an impressive torque that developed its power even at low rpm. This made the TR2 to TR3B one of the most popular sports cars of its time.

British hard and uncompromising, it demanded everything from its driver. With skilful movements at the huge steering wheel the driver kept the car on the road and with targeted pressure on the accelerator pedal he pushed it through the curves. And always the wind in his face. At the beginning of the 1960s, the TR received a facelift, which the Italian coachbuilder Michelotti gave it. The TR4 now met the more comfortable zeitgeist of those years. Now the car even had crank windows on the sides and the roof was now not only a tent. The windscreen was changed and protected the driver not only from the wind but also from the rain. This recipe ensured an early cult status and a large number of surviving vehicles.
Belle reproduction fidèle à l'original Jupe avant pour TR4 et TR4A Jupe avant Pièce: 98,31 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus
Bonne investition Triumph Radiateur Radiateur en aluminium pour TR4A Pièce: 612,40 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus
+ 2 x Boulon fileté (527237): 1,15 € + 2 x Ecrou (325631): 0,31 € TVA inclue
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