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Triumph TR5, TR250 et TR6 (1968-1976)

More than 10,000 parts. You can order this catalogue as a book, too.

"Smooth and powerful" as it was read in the 1969 test reports, was the TR6 with its "Straight six engine". It's a really great feeling to get the elastic longstroke engine out of the low rev and to hear the sonorous sound of the 2 ½ litre engine, a pleasure! In addition to this, the rear end is lowered during harder acceleration, if you try to get up to 100Km/h in the indicated 8.5 seconds.

Externally, with its clear lines, it was fully in line with the trend of the time and even today it does not look like an outdated sports car. Which is probably due to the sober design from "Lower Saxony": The TR6 had been smoothed out of the TR5 at Karmann.

To keep and improve the joy of your "Straight Six", no matter if TR5 or TR6, we are always looking for new spare and tuning parts. Also we help you with pleasure with your TR sedan. Please visit us regularly.
Démarreur pour TR5 et TR6 Démarreur Pièce: 251,32 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus
Set de pistons Set de pistons Set: 1 779,39 € TVA inclue
frais de port en sus