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Triumph TR7 et TR8 (1975-1981)

Triumph TR7 et TR8 (1975-1981)
By far the most successful model of the TR series was introduced to the market in 1975 as a Coupe only. The Convertible was offered from 1978-81 only and did not sell well. The TR7 was equipped with a four-cylinder engine from the Dolomite. It had been improved to 2 litres displacement and allowed surprisingly lively transport. From 1977 on, the Rover V8 engine had been shoehorned into the car. This so-called TR8 was officially offered by British Leyland from 1978 onwards. The production car with a 3.5 litre engine was available till 1981.

The design of the vehicle was developed without a french. Nevertheless, TR7 and TR8 have a loyal fan base, whose efforts for the vehicle we gladly support with an extensive range of parts.