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Système de surveillance de pression des pneus

216 EUR
to upgrade cars with 12V and 24V wiring system voltage
Neat system, reliable and very easy to install
The monitor continuously displays the pressure of the tyres. Tyre temperatures are shown at the press of a button. Sensors simply screw on to the tyre valves in place of the normal dust caps, and they have an integral anti-theft design. The temperature is shown in °C or °F.
User set alert levels for low pressure, high pressure, punture falling pressure and high temperature.

• monitor
• monitor mounting pad
• charging lead
• 4 sensors with batteries fitted
• 4 locking screws
• 2 locking keys
• 2 sensor tools

Technical data:
weight: 65 g
air pressure reading range: 0 to 6,8 bar (0 to 99 psi)
number of sensors: 4
transmitter weight: 9 g
length: 56 mm
width: 64 mm
height: 26 mm
power supply (sensor): CR 1632 button cell, included
operating voltage: 12 V, 24 V.