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683.7 EUR

MG MGB LHD models: Germany and Sweden from 11/1967 to 10/1069 (Roadster from GHN4-138401 to GHN4-187169, GT from GHD4-139471 to GHD4-187840), Benelux and Switzerland from 11/1167 to 9/1174 (Roadster from GHN4-138401 to GHN5-359169, GT from GHD4-139471 to GHD5-360069) • MGB RHD models if conversion to LHD: from 08/1971 to 9/1974 (Roadster from GHN5-258001 to GHN5-359169, GT from GHD5-258004 to GHD5-360069)

Our Fibreglass dashboards are made to a very high quality with an excellent finish, very dificult to tell from a steel dash.
Vehicle Type Approval N
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