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Pages 232
Format 250 mm x 32 mm
Blurb From the SEAT 600 to the 20V20 that was rolled out at the 2015 Geneva International Auto Show—This is SEAT conveys SEAT’s passion for cars with gripping pictures and tremendous energy
Technical innovation and a loving attention to detail provide the key that makes the joy of driving tangible on every page
The development of the 20V20 concept car is presented as a case study—a thrilling read for car lovers and design professionals alike

Spain, a land full of light and life, brimming with emotion and creativity, is the home of SEAT. Passionate perfectionists design and develop cars here, cars with a unique character, beautiful and functional, the perfect marriage of technology and quality. These are cars for people with a young and urban lifestyle. This is SEAT presents an exciting brand known for automotive icons like the Ibiza and the Leon, a brand that is always on the move. In the book, you’ll meet the people behind the vehicles and learn why they are so dedicated to continuously improving an already excellent product. Readers will get a front-row seat for the development of the 20V20 SUV concept car, sharing in each step of the development and design process. This is SEAT provides an inside look at the beating heart of a major automotive brand and shows how a sketch becomes a vehicle with unmistakable design DNA, and how a vision grows into a breathtaking reality.