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Campione di tessuto

Colour sample
palomino wilton wool pile carpet material with rubber backing - may replace biscuit colour

Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150 (1949-61) • E-Type (1961-74) • Mark II and Daimler 250 V8 Saloon (1959-69) • XJ6 Series I, II and III (1968-87) • XJ12 Series I, II and III (1972-92)

Triumph TR4A (1965-67) • TR5/250 and TR6 (1967-76)

Use our free material samples to select the colour you want for your carpet set. So you can be sure that you and your vehicle will like the carpet set afterwards.
We recommend the fitting of complete carpet sets and offer you luxurious and ambitious materials for carpeting exceptional cars. The protective latex backing provides a barrier against occasional damp conditions sometimes experienced in soft top classic cars. Years of experience enable us to offer you the best possible sets.