Federe dei sedili in pelle

1419.77 EUR
magnolia with perforated centres - 4 piece kit for both front seats

Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Series 2 OTS and FHC (1968-70): OTS from 1R1001 (RHD) and 1R7001 (LHD), FHC from 1R20001 (RHD) and 1R25001 (LHD) plus all 4.2 Series 1 and 2 2+2 models (1966-70)

Beautifully made seats and seat covers, manufactured to original specification in the correct materials. Leather seats always have been 'leather faced'. The facings have been made from genuine leather, the backs and sides are leathercloth. Some models had the rear backrests covered with Moquette velour cloth. This production method does not come from financial controlling, but from the much better processability of the flexible leathercloth material.