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Le statistiche di vendita dell'epoca parlano della popolarità dell'icona: durante la produzione della Series IIA, le Land Rover raggiunsero picchi di vendita di 60.000 unità all'anno, di cui oltre il 70% fu venduto all'estero. Vi aiutiamo a mantenere il piacere del vostro veicolo e offriamo tutti i ricambi Land Rover Serie 3 direttamente dal magazzino per la spedizione immediata.
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Land Rover Series I

The first Land Rover was born out of the commercial necessity to develop a new vehicle model that could ensure the continuation of the "Rover" house after the Second World War. The original business with rather conservative vehicles of the upper market segment had come to a standstill during the war.

As a result of armament production, sheet steel was not in unlimited supply. Inspired by his Willys Jeep, the technical director, Maurice Wilks, developed an off-road vehicle that eradicated the shortcomings of the Jeep, used existing Rover technical resources and was to be used primarily in agriculture. The body of the vehicle was made of readily available Birmabright, an aluminium alloy. The model, which was presented for the first time in 1948, already received a large number of orders at the trade fair, so that series production was started.

Initially still equipped with an 80'' wheelbase, the chassis was lengthened to make room for the diesel engine, which was available from 1957. With the appearance of Series II in 1958, the first models retroactively became "Series I".

Land Rover Series II and IIA

The Land Rover II and IIA are tough cars that sold well in much of the Commonwealth. Numerous appearances in film and television during the 1960s made the car and its iconic shape famous. The model family expanded, with the Land Rover Forward Control being built for military and civilian use from 1962.

Over time, the Land Rover IIA gradually changed: The headlights were moved from the inside at the radiator grille to the outside in the wings due to legal changes. This also necessitated a new positioning of the indicators and sidelights. More and more emphasis was placed on driving comfort and operability; a partially synchronised gearbox further improved the driving characteristics.

Land Rover Series III

Introduced in 1971, the Land Rover Series III was based on the IIA and is the most common model in the series. Also due to competition from the upcoming Japanese suppliers, the model was further upgraded with, among other things, a modified dashboard and a fully synchronised gearbox.

Two different wheelbases were available for the Land Rover Series III: a short version with 88'' wheelbase, the long version with 109''. Furthermore, the range of available engines was extended: Besides the four-cylinder diesel engine with 2.25 ltr, there were also three petrol engines with 2.25 ltr, 2.6 ltr or 3.5 ltr.

Land Rover Series 3 spare parts at Limora

The robust vehicle is certainly a good choice in any case. If you are one of the proud owners of this indestructible pioneer, we will be glad to help you with any questions you may have. You will also find all Land Rover Series 3 spare parts in stock.