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Accessori e Regali

Accessori e Regali

Welcome to the accessories section of our Classic Car Oldtimer department store. We define accessories as the items, that make a vehicle more beautiful or better and were not part of the scope of delivery when the car was new. This opens a broad field as the section includes, for example, newly-made belts, luggage carriers for mounting on the boot lid or a suitable car-protection cover. The technical improvements include complex electronic ignition systems and Weber carburettor sets. You will also find all the parts of the electrical system, your vehicle shares with all other classic cars.

To find items you are looking for, please have a look at the links on the left side. These links refer directly to technical solutions. After choosing one, you may look for car and model, if appropriate. In case you already have a product ID, please use the search field top right of the page.

Pantaloni e giacche Leather bags Jet helmet Jet helmet Pezzi: 129,99 € Incl. tasse
più costi di spedizione

Pedal cars Tappo di bottiglia Tappo di bottiglia Pezzi: 30,00 € Incl. tasse
più costi di spedizione
Cesta da picnic Cesta da picnic Pezzi: 155,00 € Incl. tasse
più costi di spedizione

Orologio da parete Orologio da parete Pezzi: 34,95 € Incl. tasse
più costi di spedizione
Insegna pubblicitaria Insegna pubblicitaria Pezzi: 9,95 € Incl. tasse
più costi di spedizione