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Pilot helmet

65.64 EUR
'Classic Club 5' type. Made from soft and quilted perforated nappa leather and cotton lining for maximal comfort. Variant without sunpeak and extended neckpart
• colour: black
• size: XXL
Classic Club 5:
This pilot helmet is designed in the traditional classic style. Material: high quality perforated nappa leather. Textile lining composition: cotton-viscose-silk is antiallergic and breathable. Two earflaps fitted with a fine protective mesh. One chin strap is detachable and rotatable, the buckle is fixed but rotatable to offer an optimum fit under the chin.
• Available in following sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL.
• Available colours: black.
Modello Classic Club 5
Colour Schwarz
Size XXL
Material perforated nappa leather
Inner Lining cotton-viscose-silk