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Jaguar and Daimler XJ (2003-09): X350 and X358

The Jaguar X350 was a luxury car from Jaguar Cars, introduced in 2003 as the successor of the X308. While the car's exterior and interior styling were traditional in appearance, the car was completely re-engineered.

For many enthusiasts, the X350, build from 2003-2009, is the last genuine Jaguar XJ. The X350 was brought into the market as a successor of the X308. And as expected, the X350 had again the flat elongated shape that characterized the XJ models for decades. But everything else was really impressive and new: floorpan and body were made from aluminum plates, which were glued at the overlaps and additionally provided with self-drilling rivets. As a result, the body shell weighed about the same as the one from the New Mini.

In addition to a PSA diesel engine there were Jaguar V-engines of 3.0 (AJ30) to 4.2 liters (AJ8) available. These engines also came with the facelift model X358, which was built until 2009.