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New MINI (2001 onwards)

It has been apparent for decades that the Mini, even if it was a sales success, would have to be replaced. At the beginning of the 1990s, the pressure grew that the A-Series engine would no longer be able to meet the emerging emission classes in the near future. So development of the "New Mini" began in 1993. When BMW joined Rover, a religious war was started. While Rover wanted to create a primarily useful vehicle in the spirit of Issigonis, the Munich colleagues focused on a sporty lifestyle vehicle. Bernd Pischetsrieder, incidentally a great-nephew of Issigonis, favoured the design of the American Frank Stephenson. The car will be built by BMW in the former Morris factory in Cowley.

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Mini Scrapbook Mini Scrapbook Alec Issigonis’s masterpiece was an instant hit – not just with the buying public, but with celebrities and racers alike, from Sir Stirling Moss to ‘The Fab Four’. Prenota: 35,56 € Incl. tasse
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Neon sign with logo Neon sign Neon sign with lettering MINI COOPER S Illuminated sign with red neon lettering on black acrylic background, set in transparent acrylic glass box. Mini Cooper S lettering. The box can be hung on the included chains. Measures about 80x30cm. Euro plug for 220V, BMHT sticker on the light box. Pezzi: 398,00 € Incl. tasse
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Incl. tasse
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Radiator, new item R50 Cooper, One 1.4 and 1.6 Petrol (2001-06) • R52 Cooper Convertible and One Convertible (2004-08) Mini Radiator Pezzi: 86,02 € Incl. tasse
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Radiator for Diesel R50 One 1.4 Diesel (2001-06) • R53 One 1.4 Diesel (2002-06) Mini Radiator Pezzi: 74,56 € Incl. tasse
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Coffee mug Coffee mug made of porcelain Pezzi: 9,00 € Incl. tasse
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Wiper motor two speed and round body Motorino tergicristallo Pezzi: 79,00 € Incl. tasse
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Lamp repeater, on front wing,
lens: smoke
Mini R50 und R53 (2001-06)
Mini Lamp Pezzi: 21,72 € Incl. tasse
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