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196 EUR
battery regenerator for all Lead-acid gel, Lead-acid, Lead acid membrane, Lead-acid calcium batteries. 24 Volt variant for fork lift. for all other 24 volt vehicle please use two Megapulse in row (part No. 503571)

other manufacturers Forklifts

• For prevention and for increasing the battery life by up to five times
• Recovering battery capacity
• Increases battery charge capacity for faster charging
• Robust housing
The battery regenerator is patented and ideally should be connected to the vehicle battery as a precautionary measure. The impulse generated by the unit can prevent or reduce the usual ageing sulfation effects in the battery (the reason for 80% of dead batteries). In this way, battery life can be increased by around 5 times. Megapulse can also be used to maintain batteries in conjunction with a battery charger or maintenance device. Even old batteries can regain lost initial power and capacity through the use of the unit and are once again ready for use in vehicles. The effect is limited with batteries which have mechanical damage or shorted cells. Installation near the battery, possibly splash-protected.
Vehicle Type Approval N