Smiths Oil pressure gauge

238.69 EUR
Jaguar Oil pressure gauge
PE2300/02 - new item for positive earthed cars. Black dial with white illumination and clear glass, black bezel, range 0-20-40-60 in lbs/in²

Jaguar E-Type Serie 1 und 2 (1961-70) • S-Type 3.4 and 3.8 (1963-68) • Mark II (1959-69) • Daimler 250 V8 Saloon (1962-69) • Mk10 (1961-66)

Original gauges have not been available since the early 1980’s as the last OE stock had ran out.
Therefore we reintroduced these new Jaeger and Smiths gauges.
• All gauges are based are modern Smiths movements and are more accurate than the originals. They will last longer in storage and are more durable
• Gauges are back lit with clear illumination using a modern capless 2.2w bulb
• Customers are free to use their own coloured silicone caps, coloured bulbs or bulb paint to change illumination to green or blue light allowing one gauge to cover 3 applications.