Radio and aerials

Finding the right radio for a classic car is difficult. Old radios might be authentic, but supply mono FM, neither Ipod connection nor Bluetooth. Modern radios look horrid and do not fit into the hole in the dashboard. Plus there are all the problems caused by the ageing of the original equipment: Antenna contacts crackle, the ignition can be heard clearly through the news. Our aim is to provide a reasonable sound for your music and traffic information on your trips. We can offer a wide range of radios and accessories.

Offers from our department store

Codice prodotto: 531817
radio retrò compatta con sintonizzatore FM, interfaccia Bluetooth, USB e SD compatibile con MP3. Versione con pannello f

59,00 €*
Codice prodotto: 509565
in a black angled box. Technical data: 30 watt, 4 ohm and 130 mm speaker diameter, case: 140 x 140 mm

38,00 €*
Codice prodotto: 16062
manual retractable radio aerial with four sections for wing mounting. Extended length: 920 mm, cable length: 1200 mm, un

28,00 €*
Impianto de accensione
Codice prodotto: 512359
programmable via Bluetooth interface - for 4 cylinder engines with top entry Lucas distributors

479,00 €*