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Hylomar Sealing compound

11 EUR
M - non-setting gasket and jointing compound
From time to time your vehicles joints may begin to leak, this could be due to loose fitting or worn gaskets that may need to be resealed or replaced. To ensure a secure and leak free seal between the gasket and the component part you may need to use a suitable joining compound. Hylomar supply a wide range of high quality jointing compounds all specifically designed to cater for a wide range of situations.
Hylomar M is a non-setting jointing compound that is effective over a wide range of temperatures and, is also resistant to a wide range of fluids, including fuels, oils, water and lubricants. It can be used to seal joint faces, on preformed gaskets and threaded parts and is an effective sealant for metal to metal and plastic to plastic joints. This product never hardens offering the major benefit of unlimited usage time in terms of assembly and disassembly.
Hylomar have over 30 years of experience in providing engine, gearbox and transmission sealants and adhesives to automotive manufacturers and the aftermarket both within the UK and internationally. Their original product was first developed in conjunction with Rolls Royce and they still continue to manufacture Rolls Royce approved products today, enabling them to ensure high quality and reliability across their whole product range.
• Non-hardening
• Wide operating temperature range (-50 to +250ºC)
• Fuel resistant
Capacità 80 ml