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Stefano Pignatelli

Shoulder bag

model toro from the raboison series. Outside material: brown nature calf leather, oiled and waxed. Inside material: leather. Size: 36 x 29 x 7 cm
The name of the series of this bag makes reference to Charles Raboison, the racing cyclist who was one of the pioneering athletes of the Tour de France cycle race in the 1920s.
The material is very tough and becomes increasingly energized the older it gets. The design of the bag is simple, unisex, and ageless. The fasteners on the side of the bag make up a new, functional detail of design of the series. Applied with the Tenax safety locks, which were originally used in the automotive sector.
Supplied with 2 pockets inside, 2 compartments inside, 1 pocket outside, 2 Tenax safety buckles and 1 shoulder strap.