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Gaz Suspension kit

939.45 EUR
height adjustable coilover kit designed for tarmac motorsport and the serious track day enthusiast

TVR Griffith (1991-2002) Chimaera (1992-2003) Tuscan Speed 6 (1999-2006) Cerbera Speed 6 and V8 (1996-2003) T350 (2002-06) Tamora (2002-06)

The high quality adjustable dampers and spring combination have been developed by Gaz to best suit the vehicle they are designed to fit.
The features are:
1. Front and rear units adjust bump and rebound from a single control knob on the side of the unit.
2. Struts and semi struts have 62mm bodies for increased oil capacity. These units are fitted with 22mm diameter induction hardened piston rods that are hard chrome plated for strength and durability.
3. All units have multi lip sealing. The outer seal is a metal encased wiper to clean the piston rod. This in turn extends main seal performance and oil retention under extreme conditions.
4. All the Gold range are fitted with a gas cell in the outer reservoir and filled with a high viscosity index multi grade oil to prevent cavitation and reduce fade in motor racing conditions.
5. The coilovers and telescopic units in this range utilise lightweight billet alloy components where possible, i.e. bases, end fittings, seats, lockrings, rod guides and gland nuts. The outer tube is steel with a nickel coating to provide the best anti corrosive finish possible. All outer alloy components are anodised.
Vehicle Type Approval N