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The Jaguar XF is an important milestone in the history of Jaguar because of its design. The XF thoroughly broke the design deadlock into which the retro design of the S-Type had led. To preserve this impressive vehicle and its originality, Limora makes it its business to make all Jaguar XF spare parts available to you at all times.

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Revolutionary Transformation

In 2007, the Jaguar XF marked a break in style. As the successor to the S-Type, the XF, internally known as the X250, received radical changes to the space concept, a dynamic exterior that ranged between sporty and luxurious.

With its coupé-like appearance, the classic is thus hardly comparable with the preceding Jaguar models.

Winner of several "Car of the Year" awards and the "Red Dot Design Award", the first generation of the Jaguar XF has been on the roads since 2008. The well-equipped series belongs to upper middle class models.

The X250 convinces with its luxurious interior, fine leather and grained oak wood features, while premium aluminium appliqués skilfully frame the well designed centre console. The Motorola-inspired design with blue interior lighting is not as wood-heavy as the previous Jaguar models and shines with the new metal contours - true to Jaguar Chief Designer Ian Callum's style revolution.

Despite the radical changes in the new design, with this model Jaguar technically remained true to itself: the platform of the predecessor was used for the XF and equipped with improved transmissions.

For the first time, in addition to petrol engines, which are represented from a four-cylinder to an eight-cylinder, there is also a whole range of diesel engines to choose from. These range from 2-litre four-cylinders to 3-litre six-cylinders.

The X250 convinces on all roads

The automatic transmission with up to 8 speeds can be combined with a rear-wheel drive or permanent all-wheel drive. The driver's workplace provides a relaxed and comfortable driving experience. Some people might find the suspension too 'sporty' on a long journey, but the car's manoeuvrability is convincing and satisfying all round. However, those who prefere parking in reverse must trust the parking sensors due to the hatchback.

In 2011, the Jaguar XF received a fine-tuning: characteristic are the adaptive LED daytime running lights. The "Sportbrake" estate version of the XF was launched just one year later. In 2012, this was named "value champion" by Schwacke and Auto Bild. In 2013, the XFR-S followed as the top model of the XF series, with which production ended in 2015. Its successor was the X260.

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