Jaguar XJ 6 spare parts

The XJ Series 1, 2 and 3 saloons have always been technical and visual treats: The engines and rear axle from the E-Type, the frontseats, the luxury from the "Big Cats" and the lines in the best Jaguar design language result in a feast for the eyes of a special kind. Select the catalogue for your vehicle by clicking on the corresponding image.

On the following pages you will find all the parts you need to take decent care of your cat. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our range! Here you will find all Jaguar XJ6 spare parts directly available from stock!

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The Jaguar XJ from 1968 to 1987

The XJ range was the financial pillar of Jaguar for a long time, no series produced more cars: over 402,000 cars were sold in total between 1968 and 92. But it was not only the economic successes that made the XJs Sir William Lyon's favourites, it was also the last series under his active co-design.

Until 1987 the XJ models have an undeniable charm. This Jaguar XJ12 series was built until 1992.

Many enthusiasts have adopted the even better-preserved specimens, keep them in a species-appropriate manner and enjoy the low purchase price for a mostly very luxuriously equipped 6-cylinder with the legendary XK engine.

The Daimler Sovereign as a special edition

In autumn 1969 Jaguar introduced the Daimler versions of the XJ 6 called Sovereign 2.8 and Sovereign 4.2.  The Daimler models were "upmarket" versions of the respective XJ models. First intended for the domestic market, the Sovereign came late to continental Europe.

Preservation, spare parts situation and entry-level prices for the Jaguar XJ

The XJ models had to contend with unfounded prejudice against these cars for a while: unreliable, a lot of breakage, very complicated in construction, poor manufacturing quality. Often the reason for this negative perception was not the car itselve, but the lack of care and proper maintenance!

In the meantime, this prejudice is history because many enthusiasts have taken on the still well-preserved specimens and are keeping them in an appropriate manner to their species again. Nowadays you can enjoy favourable purchase prices for a mostly very luxuriously equipped 6-cylinder with the legendary XK engine.

The vehicles of the previous series 1 and 2 are usually more expensive than those of the newer series. The most sought-after model is the Coupé, which was only available in small numbers in series 2. Whatever the price of your vehicle, Limora will help you maintain or upgrade these beautiful vehicles.

Daimler Sovereign and Jaguar XJ spare parts at Limora

Tuning, add-on and body parts, gearboxes, engines and much more is available at Limora, presented on so called detailed exploded drawings, you probably know from our high-quality Limora catalogues. At Limora you will find all sorts of accessories, such as interesting reading for all XJ lovers or a well-founded source of information for every restorer. We deliver Jaguar XJ spare parts for series 1, 2 and 3 as well as the Daimler Sovereign directly from stock to your home within 2 working days.