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Castrol Óleo de motor

49 EUR
Engine oil
Classic XL30
For 1930s to pre-1960 veteran, vintage and classic cars. A high quality monograde engine oil which is also used in most types of manually operated gearboxes fitted to vintage and classic cars. This oil offers excellent cold temperature starting and improved oil pressure at high operating temperatures. These monograde lubericants are only slightly blended and do not contain any cleaning agents. These monogrades are extremely depending on the surrounding climate. Please check the matching oil for the temperature you wish to operate your vehicle in. Most cars need a SAE50 in summer, a SAE 30 in winter and a SAE 40 in between. Mineral monogrades require short oil change intervals.
Oil Name Classic
Viscosity SAE 30
Base Oil 3
Specifications • API SB.
Âmbito 1
Filling Quantity 5 l