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The Silver Cloud has a six-cylinder in-line engine with the inlets in the head and the outlets in the block. This "inlet over exhaust" - ioe-design was used by Rolls Royce until the 1950s.

Our customer brought the cylinder head of a RR Silver Cloud, built in 1957, whose originally screwed-in intake valve seat rings had come loose.  The car had a loss of power and noticeable running noises, so the head was removed. It turned out that the thread in which the valve seat ring was seated was so weakened by corrosion that the seat ring with the valve rattled through the combustion chamber.

After examining the head, the other valve seat rings and the head's material, the workshop guys came to the conclusion that it would be necessary to replace all valve seats. They converted the head to "modern" valve seats. All corroded seats and their threads were milled out and welded on again. Our Rottler SG7 was then used to mill new mounts into which new valve seats have be inserted. The repair was worth it, the engine is running smoothly again.

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