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The classic car practice in the Limora engine manufactory

A leading classic car magazin asked us, if we would help them to make some really nice photo gallery on the famous Ford V4 engine from Cologne, Germany. We were always glad to help. The colleagues from the engine workshop were happy to disassemble the engine for this complex photo production. Find some impressions of the production shown here.

The Taunus V4 was a 60° V4 piston engine with balance shaft, introduced by Ford Motor Company in Germany in 1962. The V4 had been developed in the USA, but was built in the Cologne plant and powered the German Ford range of the early sixties. The first model to use this engine was the Ford Taunus P4. The Taunus Coupe, this engine originates from, nowadays is a rare sight.

This 1.5 litre V4 has, to recognize by the colour of the valve covers, 65 HP. The car, a P4 Coupe from the last year of construction, was parked in the barn after being used up. After almost 30 years of hibernation, the car was rescued from its barn and the restoration was started. During the work the engine came to us.

After the first visual inspection for damage to the crankcase, the oil was drained, all covers dismantled and the engine dismantled into assemblies. The individual parts were then put into the dishwasher and prepared for documentation: And this is where the photo session of Oldtimer Praxis comes into play.

In his series "Seziert" Alexander Polaschek shows design features of iconic motors. And if you just pull the circle far enough, the Ford V4 is one of them. Mr. Polaschek had the design explained to him with its special features, such as the spur gear construction and the outer bearing aisle. The photographer Andreas Beyer, who also travelled with us, also made big ears. Together they then considered how the individual engine components could be arranged in such a way that the reader or observer could understand how the system works. Great photos should also come out!

This was a very successful photoshooting. The pictures show the engine so beautifully, clearly and understandably that one can hardly get enough of the successful and elaborate "exploded view photos". Great work by photographer Andreas Beyer. We also took one or two pictures of taking pictures.

The engine has been drilled and pistons in first oversize mounted. The crankshaft bearings and conrod bearings were replaced and the engine reassembled with a new set of gaskets. The often worn Novotex timing gears were still good. The cylinder heads were converted to run on unleaded petrol, the valve seats milled and the valves ground in. The entire engine was painted in the factory colour scheme again. The carburettor has been rebuild to new as well. All in all different and challenging project to finish.

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