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15 EUR
written by Stefan Bogner, 258 pages with 288 colored photos, format: 280 x 211 mm, Paperback, language: German, English
Subtitle USA - Kalifornien
Author Stefan Bogner
Pages 258
Format 211 mm x 280 mm
Blurb Grandes Alpes, Italian and Austrian Alpes, the Pyrenees – photographer Stefan Bogner presents breath taking mountain passes within the established magazine CURVES. Now, for the first time, volume number six left Europe and shows California, including route and sightseeing tips for the most beautiful roads at the Westcoast and inland.

Starting point for Stefan Bogner has been Los Angeles, crossing the Pacific Coast Highway up to San Francisco, the city of Bullitt and Summer of Love, to Yosemite Valley. Overwhelming nature – and of course, mountains. After passing Panamint Mountains, Bogner followed the route to Death Valley, not without having too little water and fuel on board, to be able to leave California for a little while, cruising Las Vegas via helicopter. Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon has to be seen airborne.

Mojave Desert, Palm Springs and Salvation Mountain, to sum up Bogners way back to the Pacific.

Soulful Driving. One could think it has been invented in this country …