Spare parts catalogues

In our spare parts catalogues you will find all standard parts, sorted by assemblies and drawn in installation position. With exact parts allocation according to chassis numbers. All parts of the different assemblies are illustrated and described. For classic British cars and four Fiat models.

But you will not only find vehicle catalogues in this chapter, but also some for different topics like lights, mirrors or alloy wheels. There you can browse our offer in a relaxed way.

Limora vehicle catalogues

The Limora vehicle catalogues will help you. Especially if you want to work on your classic car yourself. As a newcomer you will get to know individual assemblies and understand connections, as a professional you can quickly look up the right screw. Our spare parts catalogues show you what the inside of your vehicle looks like. And if you have any questions that go beyond that: Write to us, or give us a call, we'll be glad to help.