Hydragas damper unit

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rear - reconditioned, in exchange

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Productinformatie "Hydragas damper unit"

rear - reconditioned, in exchange

MG: All MGF except Trophy models to VIN...2D600100 (December 2001)

The standard Hydragas suspension consists of a nitrogen cushion above a liquid chamber in the spring elements. The fluid chamber only distributes the forces through the connecting line on one side of the vehicle. The suspension itself is made only by the nitrogen cushion.
The nitrogen filling of the individual hydraulic gas elements cannot be refilled. If the car sinks over the years, the hydraulic gas elements have to be replaced because there is no more spring effect left. You can pump the car back to a higher level by pumping in more liquid, but then it becomes even stiffer. The suspension comfort of the car has always been praised in contemporary press reports. This means that if your vehicle rumbles low-lying over the B-roads, the hydraulic gas elements are worn out.