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A "Ferrari at half price" - that's how Jaguar advertised the E-Type for the third series. The distinctive and unmistakable design of the Jaguar E-Type comes from Malcolm Sayers. The optics in combination with its driving performance made up the attraction of this model then as now.

In total, more than 15,000 E-Type V12s were built, almost as many in the version with the 3.8 liter engine. Almost 80% of these found their way to the USA – as an everyday supercar. If you own a Series 3, you will find everything you need for maintenance and care here! You can also use our buyer's guide for the Jaguar E Type V12!

Bernhard Prautzsch

has an impressive 44 years of professional experience with classic cars. Trained at Britisch Leyland in Düsseldorf and worked on the Jaguars, as well as delivering them as new cars but only from 1973 onwards.

Actuele aanbiedingen voor uw E-Type V12


Due to Californian emissions regulations, the performance of the 4.2 liter in-line six-cylinder had to be reduced to such an extent that a new, even more powerful drive was needed to maintain supercar status. In 1971, for example, the model received a newly developed 5.3 liter V12 engine that boasts an output of 276 hp and a top speed of 238.5 km/h.

This was the birth of the first mass-produced twelve-cylinder at Jaguar, which brought the driving performance of the E-Type V12 back into line with the early series. The V12 also had better brakes and power steering as standard. The Series 3 was often felt to be too tame: the reason for this was on the one hand the longer wheelbase of the 2+2, so that it could not keep up with the agility of the early coupés and on the other hand the quite opulent appearance, which optically took away a lot of the untamed flair of a wildcat from the model.


What was also new were the fenders, which were forced to be widened by the wider wheelbase, and wider tires. A design that offers significantly more space in all directions and, together with the pleasant sound of the V12 and ventilated brake discs (front and rear), makes up for the loss of the E-Type's original aggressiveness.

The structure of the body itself has not been changed. A trellis tube construction is mounted on the bulkhead of the monocoque as a subframe, which houses the engine, front axle and flip-front. Still a spectacular-looking construction.

Equipment and driving behavior

A noble, modern dashboard coincides with the comfort of air conditioning, power steering and British Leyland radio. Chrome-plated spoked wheels with central locking make the hearts of lovers of noble optics beat faster.

Once you've sat in the interior, you're not far from a joyride: the Jaguar E-Type V12 impresses with its b>balanced, relaxed handling. Although the indirect power steering and the soft suspension give the feeling of a GT model more than a racing car, this does not detract from the appeal of the V12. Tamed or not - you will recognize the powerful spirit of a racetrack racer at the latest when driving.

Everything for the Jaguar E-Type V12 collector's vehicle at Limora

In September 1974, production of the E-Type was discontinued , because the car, with its comparatively high fuel consumption, set the wrong signal during the oil crisis. Nevertheless: The Jaguar E-Type V12 was and is now an extremely popular sports car - we at Limora know that too!

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