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We at Limora know that the Triumph Stag is something very special. Despite the initial difficulties, this noble cabrio was subsequently able to assert itself and, with the help of loyal fan clubs, developed into a popular classic car cabrio with rarity value. For the care of your favourite model, we offer expert advice for all questions and Triumph Stag spare parts from stock.

Thorsten Voigt

... has also worked on V8 engines in the USA. The Stag is one of his favourite cars. Today, the Triumph V8 is considered stable and durable.

Some special offers for Stag Fans

Productnummer: 213035
indicator/side light on front wing - lenses: amber. Reproduction of the L829 repeater lamp

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Wisselstroom dynamo
Productnummer: 323231
new item. Reproduction of the Lucas 18ACR type alternator - voltage: 12, earth return: negative, output: 45 ampere, fixi

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Verbeterde startmotor
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Gas strut
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front - vented

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Wisselstroom dynamo
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Crankshaft sprocket
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double row

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Driving pinion
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oil pump - on crankshaft

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ompleet met stang en scharnier

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Ombouwset voor remsysteem
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competitie 4-Pot aluminium remklauwen voor de vooras

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Competition Uitllaatspruitstuk
Productnummer: 207223
van roestvrij staal. Wedstrijdversie met 51 mm diameter. Nu met roestvrijstalen adapterplaten (nieuw)

€ 598,00*

History of origins

The Triumph Stag also joins the ranks of those Triumph Motor Company classics created by the hand of Italian car designer Giovanni Michelotti. Originally built on the basis of the Triumph 2000, the Triumph Stag - at that time still a code name - was so appealing that it was not only exhibited at the Turin Motor Show, as originally planned, but was instead chosen for series production.

But it took another four years before this was the case. The reason for this was internal competition, strikes as well as delivery and especially financing problems: At the end, in contrary to all plans, the Stag had not taken over one single part of the 2000 limousine. Expensive presses had to be built to produce the body of the noble cabrio.


It is immediately apparent that the Triumph Stag was planned and designed as a noble cabriolet: the uncluttered cockpit in a wooden design conveys simple elegance and the comfort-oriented, well-crafted interior complements the appearance of an English gentleman.

The four-seater is available exclusively as a cabriolet and is the third cabriolet model series of the Triumph Motor Company after the TR5/TR6 and the Spitfire. Unlike the two previous model series, it was designed for the upper class in the US market and was to be positioned between the luxurious Jaguar E-Type and some US models in terms of price and style. The strategists at Triumph hoped to take market share from the successful Mercedes SL of the W113 series.

Engine and technology

What makes the Stag particularly unique is its engine. Many things were tried, but in the end there was only one choice: a specially developed Triumph 3-litre V8 petrol engine, which was basically made up of two OHC four-cylinder units and was used exclusively in the Triumph Stag.

From a technical point of view, the car was extremely advanced with power brakes and power steering, independent front and rear suspension, and electric windows. The roll bar, initially designed to increase stability, together with the reinforced body panels, had the pleasing side effect of making the noble Triumph one of the first safety cabriolets.

Sales launch and development

Unfortunately, the engine did not withstand the initial wave of enthusiasm: all too soon, a series of breakdowns revealed that the construction was problematic. The entire engine cooling system was highly susceptible, the dealer network overstretched and the solutions proposed by BL were unambitious. So the Stag got a reputation for unreliability, which meant that it sold poorly and was therefore only built in small numbers. Worse still, sales in the USA were close to zero: Only about 2800 built in seven years.

An active club scene and independent spare parts suppliers developed the technical solutions for today's operation of the vehicles. The cooling problems have been solved and the Triumph Stag rehabilitated as a comfortable vehicle: With its modern and comfortable equipment, the noble model is ideally suited for long journeys - loyal fan clubs know the value of this special model.

Triumph Stag spare parts and accessories at Limora - for the maintenance of your classic car

If you don't give up quickly and take care of the thoroughly everyday gentleman, we can only congratulate, because he will still give you a lot of pleasure. Do you have specific questions about technical details or another concern? We are happy to assist you with the care and maintenance of your classic with our expert knowledge and offer Triumph Stag spare parts from stock and within the next working day. Contact us or give us a call!