Spare parts for European brands

You will also find spare parts and accessories for other European makes, not only for the English classics. We have complete catalogues for Fiat 500 and Fiat 126, but we can also make you one or two interesting offers for the classic cars of the German car industry or even for Volvo.

All European brands at a glance

If you can't find your brand, give us a call! We can certainly do something for you anyway.

Offers from our department store

Limora Aceite de motor
Número de producto: 511114
SAE 20W-50 Classic

Contenido: 5 l (6,60 €* / 1 l)

33,00 €*
Limora Aceitera
Número de producto: 534996
with lever pump and 250 ml oil capacity

10,00 €*
Pistola de encendido
Número de producto: 480895
Sólo tienes que quitar el 1-2-3 una vez. Si desea quedarse con su antiguo distribuidor, le recomendamos sin embargo: pis

195,01 €*
Gaffas de aviadores
Número de producto: 488905
modelo "Cruiser" de piel blanca con Union Jack. Crístales claros, resistente al rascado y al empaño

127,00 €*

Spare parts and accessories for German and Italian classic cars from Limora

If you drive one of these classic cars, we at Limora will be happy to help you maintain it with spare parts and some accessories. Unlike for the English classics, we cannot offer a full range for German and Italian classic cars, but we can still make you some interesting offers. If you don't find what you are looking for, or if you have special requests, don´t hesitate to contact us.