Surrey top canopy

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tan - Vinyl material

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Triumph: TR4, TR4A, TR5, TR250

tan - Vinyl material

A distinction is made between four qualities of covering materials:

A: Standard vinyl: This top material is similar to the original in appearance and structure, but is slightly thinner. The durability is approx. 5 years. Only available in black.

B: Everflex Vinyl - this material corresponds to the original soft top material of most British sports cars. Available in black and also in colour. The durability is approx. 10 years.

C: Double Duck - this is a hard-wearing, two-ply cotton fabric that is typical of many British vehicles. Only available in black.

D: Mohair: Mohair soft tops are made from a three-layer material with an integrated rubber coating. The manufacturer guarantees lightfastness. This soft top material is used by Porsche and BMW, among others. The durability of this material can be up to 20 years. Special colours on request.