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Jaguar 4.2 short wheel base Saloon from VIN 1L71186 to 2N54907 (LHD) and from 1L32832 to 2N8463 (RHD)
Jaguar 4.2 USA and Canada short wheel base Saloon from VIN 1L69908 to 2N54907 (LHD)
Jaguar 4.2 long wheel base Saloon from VIN 2E50001 to 2T60619 (LHD) and from 2E1001 to 2T16480 (RHD)
Jaguar 4.2 Coupe from VIN 2J50001 to 2J52434 (LHD) and from 2J1001 to 2J2113 (RHD)
Jaguar 3.4 from VIN 3A50001 to 3A50793 (LHD) and from 3A1001 to 3A3183 (RHD)
Jaguar 2.8 from VIN 1G55992 to 2U50170 (LHD) and from 1G14197 to 1G14301 (RHD)
Daimler 4.2 short wheel base Saloon from VIN 1U50600 to 2M50115 (LHD) and from 1U11410 to 2M3313 (RHD)
Daimler 4.2 long wheel base Saloon from VIN 2D50001 to 2S50256 (LHD) and from 2D1001 to 2S7067 (RHD)
Daimler 4.2 Coupe from VIN 2H50001 to 2H50035 (LHD) and from 2H1001 to 2H1635 (RHD)
Daimler 3.4 with VIN 3B50001 (LHD) and from 3B1001 to 3B2129 (RHD)
Daimler 2.8 from VIN 1T50163 to 1T50165 (LHD) and from 1T4008 to 1T4069 (RHD)
Vanden Plas 4.2 from VIN 3C50001 to 3C50002 (LHD) and from 3C1001 to 3C1296 (RHD)

Exhaust system - Series I from 1973 and Series II to 1976