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Battery charger “tool-man's choice”

12 volt, for batteries from 4 up to 120 Ah, charging current 4.2 ampere. Variant with Euro plug.


Pouring jug

with lever pump and 200 ml oil capacity.


Pouring jug

with lever pump and 500 ml oil capacity.

Part no. 489226  28,-
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Part no. 526186  15,-
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Part no. 528077  18,-
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Wing cover

made of soft black synthetic leather with five pockets for tools. The built in magnets fix the cover to the wing. Suitable for use with any vehicle. Protection against dirt and scratches.
size: 100 x 56 cm


Our cookie cutters are a bit "off topic"

- but we had real fun developing these.
If in garage or workshop everything is done, continue inside the house. These well made cutters open a wide range of use: Multilayered cookies, shaped puddings or icing shapes - whatever comes into your mind. Nice gift too.


Brake bleeding set

an excellent way to take away the fuss and mess from bleeding hydraulic systems. Fed by air pressure from the spare wheel, it provides 1/4 Lb of pressure to the fluid container.

Part no. 318071  28,-
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Part no. 504710  28,-
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Part no. 21558  29,-
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Sewing awl

Special saddler tool for leather and thick materials. The speed stitcher sewing awl sews a lock stitch just like a machine and is the perfect device for sewing heavy leather, vinyl or cloth. Also works great for upholstery and hoods, vinyl and leather repairs.



Part no. 369532  38,-
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