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Renovo® Hood reviver

Hood reviver
for black canvas hoods
Renovo hood reviver is quite literally the best product available to restore the as-new look of old and/or faded fabric convertible hoods, working wonders on even seriously aged and UV-damaged canvas or fabric. This Reviver is a permanent, water-based dye that is easily applied and delivers outstanding results.
Renovo hood reviver is the choice of valeting professionals for very good reason.
How to apply Renovo hood reviver
* Good preparation is the key to success in any task that you undertake. For this we recommend that you first use Renovo canvas cleaner.
* It is recommended that you mask off areas around the fabric, including any windows, with masking tape and paper, in order to protect windows and paintwork.
* Apply Renovo hood reviver with a clean, two-inch wide nylon paintbrush, but do not apply in direct sunlight.
* Start at the top centre front of the canvas and work from side to side progressing to the rear whilst maintaining a 'wet edge'. The technique is similar to applying a water-based paint. Complete the whole fabric in one session as allowing the dye to dry and then continuing later may introduce tide marks.
* If any Reviver dye gets onto windows or bodywork simply remove immediately with a damp cloth. Do not allow to dry.
* If the fabric is seriously faded then allow a good 24 hours for the dye to dry thoroughly before applying a second coat.
* Ensure that the dye, and any subsequent coats, is fully dried before applying Renovo ultra proofer.
* Important: Do not use this product on vinyl, rubber or leather products.
Filling Quantity 1 l