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Castrol Huile pour transmission

Huile pour transmission
Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90
Castrol Syntrans Transaxle 75W-90 is a full synthetic gear oil designed to provide enhanced EP performance for use in transaxles, manual gearboxes, transter boxes and final drives
• excellent antiwear/EP and synchroniser performance makes it idealfor use in transaxles
• better protection Ieads to Ionger transmssion life and performance
• excellent shift quality especialty at lowIamperatures improves drwer comfort
• low temperature fluidity improves wear protection at start up and offers the potential for fuel savings
• temperature reduction in operation extends oil and component life and aids fuel effciency/ emissions reduction
• very good high teamperature stability gives excellent transmission cleanliness prolonging the life of lubricant and transmission.
Oil Name Syntrans Transaxle
Viscosity 75W-90
Base Oil synthetic
Specifications • API GL-4+
• VW 501.50
• VW G 052 911
Scope multigrade
Capacité 1 l