Bancos em pele

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'Classic line' complete with vinyl covered head rests, colour: biscuit - supplied in pairs

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'Classic line' complete with vinyl covered head rests, colour: biscuit - supplied in pairs

MG: MGB (from October 1969) - Roadster from GHN5-187170, GT from GHD5-187841, MGB V8

Leather seats always have been 'leather faced'. The facings have been made from genuine leather, the backs and sides are leathercloth. Some models had the rear backrests covered with Moquette velour cloth. This production method does not come from financial controlling, but from the much better processability of the flexible leathercloth material.
Our "Classic" seats differ from the original seats in 4 points:
• 1. The height of the seat backs improves back support and safety, but does not allow the use of the original style tonneau on Roadsters.
• 2. The additional lumbar support does move the seating position forward somewhat when compared to the original seats. If you normally drive with the original seats in the full rearward position you will notice a reduction in legroom.
• 3. When compared to worn out original seats, the thigh support will reduce clearance to the steering wheel.
• 4. Original seats both reclined and also had a separate tilt forward function. These seats have the recline function only. To access the area behind the seats you will have to lean over the seat to operate the recline lever which is between the seat and the transmission tunnel. This will allow the seat to return to its full upright position, making it possible to retrieve whatever you have stashed behind the seat.