Jaguar and Daimler XJ, X350 (2002–09)

These particularly noble models are undoubtedly an ornament to any street. Owners of such a noble piece, which many consider to be the last true XJ, will be gladly assisted by Limora in its proper care and preservation. We are pleased to advise you and can be contacted at any time if you have any questions.

The X350, introduced in 2002, was the third complete redesign of the XJ series. For the first time, an aluminium monocoque body was used to replace the previous steel construction. The result was a considerably more spacious vehicle with a weight reduced by 200 kg compared to the previous model.

Bernhard Prautzsch

knows the Jaguar spare parts catalogues (almost) by heart. He has held every single part of every classic Jaguar in his hands at least once.

Pastilhas do travão
Número de produto: 495819
da frente. Sistema de travagem com discos de 320 mm

134,53 €*
Extensão de pedal
Número de produto: 496328
para acelarador e travão em alumínio

250,41 €*
Sensor de temperatura
Número de produto: 282644
de montagem na carcaça do termostato. Identificável por um conector compacto de 2 pins com tampa plástica verde. Rosca M

51,21 €*
Filtro de óleo
Número de produto: 355793
em cartucho, de rosca

16,11 €*
Pastilhas do travão
Número de produto: 349031
atrás. Para sistema detravagem com discos de 285mm. Reprodução com qualidade orginal

84,25 €*
Filtro de ar
Número de produto: 492028
elemento - reprodução de grande qualidade

27,73 €*
Filtro de ar
Número de produto: 200346

46,72 €*
Carcaça do termostato
Número de produto: 490315
nova, versão melhorada em alumínio

122,18 €*
Moldturas cromadas
Número de produto: 501097
dos farolins traseiros

128,37 €*
Bomba de água
Número de produto: 492232

140,30 €*
Crankshaft sprocket
Número de produto: 17638
double row

56,53 €*
Pinhão de ataque
Número de produto: 206908
oil pump - on crankshaft

379,67 €*
Suporte para a matrícula
Número de produto: 215112
á frente. Kit completo com dobradiça et pendural

189,21 €*
Kit de conversão dos travões
Número de produto: 505922
da frente para bomba de 4 pistões em alumínio e de discos ventilados

1 423,66 €*
Colector tubular
Número de produto: 207223
em aço inoxidável. Variante Big Bore com 2" de diâmetro. Agora com falanges em aço inoxidável.

598,00 €*

Jaguar and Daimler XJ Body

The construction of the new aluminium body of the X350 did not use extruded profiles. As with modern aircraft construction, the body panels were bonded and riveted. Due to this more complex manufacturing process, it is possible to repair the body and the vehicle weight remains relatively low.


The X350 and X358 were available with six-speed automatic transmissions, with a range of diesel and petrol engines (V6, V8 and supercharged V8). In 2003, the V6 petrol engine became available. A BV6 diesel followed in 2005, modelled on the S-Type.

The XJ interior

The interior shines with a walnut wood and piano black centre console. One should mention the glass sunroof, rain-sensing windscreen wipers and electronically adjustable steering wheel which are just a few of the many luxury features on this gem: the Jaguar X350 is rightly renowned for its advanced electronics.

In 2004, the long wheelbase version of the XJ was introduced. Another change came with the 2006 facelift, which presented sportier bumpers and an even classier interior - the X358 was born.

The Daimler Super Eight, also launched in 2006, was based on the XJR and offered ample legroom, a DVD entertainment system and extra-luxurious cream leather seats.

Jaguar and Daimler XJ spare parts at Limora

Being a very noble brand, Jaguar offered its luxury models under the Daimler name- a brand closely associated with the royal family. The Queen and the British Prime Minister are chauffeured in a Daimler Super Eight.

It is just understandable that owners of this noble piece like to spend time with the intensive care of their favourites. Limora offers all spare parts and care products within 48 hours from stock.