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The MGF and MG TF are rear-wheel drive sports cars with a mid-engine, which were sold by a total of three manufacturers under the MG brand between 1995 and 2011. "World's most enjoyable car to drive" - under this working title and claim, the MGF was developed at Rover since the mid-1980s. We at Limora follow this claim and take care of the models up to 2005! So for MGF spare parts you are absolutely right here!

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The MGF was a long time coming…

It has become quiet around the cars of MG for a good 15 years and enthusiasts were waiting for a new independent design in vain- namely until the year 1995. After production of the lively roadsters was discontinued in 1980 because the Abington factory closed, only compact cars and saloons bore the classic MG badge.

The history of the project and Rover's chronically lack of money in the development department fills entire books. Also the way to recall the MG brand by presenting an intermediate model MGR V8 in 1992 might be unique.

Now BMW took over Rover and the almost finished MGF was again on the back burner. BMW first checked whether the concept of the F was sufficiently far removed from the new BMW Z3 so as not to compete with it. When the MGF was presented to the public at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show, it came as a great surprise: no one would have thought that the ailing Rover Group was capable of producing such a vehicle.

…and was a complete success

The car sold well right from the start. This was because the sporty design in combination with the very independent technology ensured that it was far ahead of the competitors of the era. James May tested the MGF in the BBC cult program "Top Gear" and attested it "supercar potential". Even if this was certainly flattering, at least in the VVC version with 107kW/146HP the car was very dynamic to drive.

Today, the MGF is on its way to becoming a classic. We know about the design flaws of the model series but we also recognize the long-term qualities of the vehicle. With this knowledge, it's safe to say: set aside an MGF. Limora's MGF team will help with parts supply and also provide you with news about the last MG Roadster.

MG F spare parts and more at Limora

The MG FT is one of the most affordable rear mid-engine sports cars on the market, making it an extremely popular entry-level model for enthusiasts. From 2002 to 2005, 39,249 MG-TFs were built and if you are one of the lucky owners, you can find MGF spare parts and everything for its preservation and maintenance at Limora! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our designated experts - 7 days a week from 06:00 to 22:00.