Oil Specials

The oil specialities are oil products that appeal to the classic classic car driver. These products consist of special oil types with additives for special applications. So that you know where to look, we have compiled the corresponding specialities in this chapter: Air filter oils, carburettor damper oils, shock absorber oils, hydraulic oils or even oils for the motorbike chain: in the widest range of different viscosities, carefully researched and made accessible to you.

Our best-selling specialities

Chain lube
PDL® Profi Dry Lube
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Content: 400 ml (€37.48 / 1000 ml)

Product #: 509393
Castrol Damper oil
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Content: 500 ml (€24.00 / 1000 ml)

Product #: 200318

Oil specials at Limora

No matter what special part you need to lubricate or what special oil you need: We at Limora will be glad to help you. Simply contact us and tell us about your problem.